The Members voted in six new Director to take charge of the Foundation and deliver on its objective. The six new Directors provide a great balance of skills, experiences, and age and gender diversity. They are

  • Mariana Campos
  • Phil Clamp
  • Andre Drenth
  • Gary Fitt
  • Jane Frances
  • Kylie Ireland

John Lovett and I remain as continuing Directors, and welcome our new colleagues.

Collectively we thank the retiring Directors – Dr Martin Barlass and Mr Vince Logan – whom saw us through the early stages of establishment and transition from the CRC. A special thanks to Martin for transitioning from Chair of the PBCRC to the Chair of the Foundation during it’s infancy.

Our first Board meeting together was in late April, with the key aim being to ‘induct’ the new Directors.  We spent a full day going over our strategic plan, investments, processes, governance and finances. 

An important agenda item was to elect a Chair of the Board.  Following Martin’s departure John Lovett had been Interim Chair but had not intended to nominate for the substantive position. In the event, his colleagues did the job for him, electing him as Chair of the Foundation.  John says “It was humbling to get a vote of confidence like this, especially when it wasn’t anticipated.  I think most people know that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with two Plant Biosecurity CRCs and I’m very happy to be able to lend continuity to the Foundation’s operations while it establishes its role”.