Each newsletter we hope to profile a Director. We were delighted to welcome Jane Frances to the Board – she brings a wealth of biosecurity experience to the role: you can read her short bio here (http://www.apbsf.org.au/governance/). I asked Jane a few questions …

How important is the science that underpins Australia’s biosecurity system?

“Science is fundamental to all aspects of biosecurity, such as international and domestic trade rules, risk assessment and systems to manage risks; it underpins the development & enhancement of new &/or improved agricultural commodities; it informs our understanding of threats to and protection of the environment and community. Australia would not have a robust biosecurity system without the science that underpins it!”

Why did you nominate for the Foundation Board? And how do you see your role in NSW DPI complement the Foundation?

“I nominated for the Foundation Board because I thought my skillset was a good fit for the attributes sought in the Foundation’s Expression of Interest. I also have a growing interest in applying the skills and experience I’ve garnered through my career at the Board level and thought the Foundation would be a good opportunity to do so.

Biosecurity has been the major focus of my career since 2004, & my background spans research, technical and management roles. In particular I have significant experience in biosecurity emergency response and have a strong track record in communicating these sometime complex issues with government, industry and community stakeholder groups. In my current role with NSW DPI’s Plant Biosecurity & Product Integrity Branch I’m responsible for leading and coordinating the Branch’s responses to the Federal Government’s Import Risk Assessments for plant-based commodities. I think my current role as well as my background will complement my work with the Foundation.”

What do you hope the Foundation can achieve over the next four years? 

“I hope the resources of the Foundation are put to good use to further plant biosecurity research. I think measures of that will include successful completion of PhDs, effective development of commercial opportunities arising from IP, sound networking to pursue leveraging opportunities and minimise duplication of effort.”