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Introducing APBSF

The Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation (APBSF) supports plant biosecurity research, development, extension and capacity building, particularly focused where there is a need for investment in environmental, capacity building, international linkages, non-levy payer, cross-sectoral, and strategic plant biosecurity research. The Foundation will also invest in commercial IP developed by and inherited from PBCRC. It is hoped in the long term that a return is realised from this IP and the Foundation will manage and invest those funds in plant biosecurity science.

The Foundation was established to follow the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC) which finished operations in June 2018, supported with unspent funds from PBCRC.


Australian plant production systems, markets and environments are protected from invasive pests and diseases through an effective plant biosecurity system.


Our mission is to invest, co-invest, collaborate and partner in research, development, extension, delivery and capacity building activities that will assist in safeguarding Australia, its plant industries and regional communities through enhanced plant biosecurity.

What is plant biosecurity

Plant Biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect a crop, crops or a sub-group of crops from emergency plant pests at national, regional and individual farm levels.

Why is plant biosecurity important?

Plant Biosecurity is a global issue. Harmful plant pests and diseases can impact on our unique environment and biodiversity, food safety, agricultural trade and market access.

Australia is relatively free from many of the plant pests and diseases which seriously impact on agricultural industries and the environment in other countries. Through the absence of many pests and diseases commonly found overseas, our natural environment is protected and Australia’s plant industries have a valuable competitive advantage and insurance policy.

If these pests found their way into Australia, the economic viability of Australia’s plant industries (with a crop production value of $14 billion in exports and $8 billion in domestic markets) would be directly threatened. Even the perception of pests in Australian produce would have a rapid and negative impact on Australia’s reputation as a producer of safe, quality food products.

Early detection of pests and diseases saves taxpayers millions of dollars in eradication and management. But as more people travel and more cargo is shipped around the world, and as the climate changes Australia’s biosecurity shield is under increasing pressure.

Why a Science Foundation?

Australia’s biosecurity status is the envy of the world. Our future as an agricultural trading nation and as a global biodiversity hotspot depends on it. Our status is due in large part to decades of investment in quality biosecurity science.

Biosecurity science is rapidly evolving and this will need to continue to evolve. It also features a complex system of responsibilities and operations with the Commonwealth, States, communities and industry all playing key roles.

Science and innovation has built Australia’s strong biosecurity status. A shared responsibility for investment in science and innovation is essential. International collaboration, for strategic alignment and scientific excellence, is essential.

Australia needs to continue the collaborative network between communities, governments, research and industry in Australia and overseas built over nearly two decades by the PBCRC. This is a major imperative for the establishment of the Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation.

What we do


Invest in plant biosecurity research, development, extension and delivery activities, through programs and projects, scientific capacity building (scholarships and internships), masterclasses (Australian and overseas) and fellowships, and management of Plant Biosecurity CRC Intellectual Property commercial activity which may generate revenue for plant biosecurity science.

Science hub

A plant biosecurity science and knowledge sharing ‘hub’ of plant biosecurity stakeholders and a network of plant biosecurity scientists.


Advocate the importance of investment in plant biosecurity science globally, regionally and nationally for agriculture, the environment, regional communities, biodiversity and food security.


Collaborate and partner in Australia and overseas to attract, develop and manage grants and funds which advance plant biosecurity science.

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