Project Leader, Organisation

Nyree Stenekes, ABARES




Charles Darwin University expressed interest for ABARES Social Sciences team to review the current unit titled ‘ENV521 – Community Engagement for Biosecurity and Natural Resource Management’, which forms part of the national curriculum for biosecurity. Considerable new insights in behaviour change and gaining community support have come to the fore in recent years that can be used to strengthen the education of new biosecurity and NRM professionals

Objectives and impact

Objective: To update Unit ENV521 with the latest academic literature about behaviour change and gaining community involvement in biosecurity and NRM

Methods: ABARES Social Scientists will work with Dr Penny Wurm to identify the priority areas for reviewing the unit. It is foreseen that a key part will be to broaden the community engagement tool box available to biosecurity and NRM professionals, including explanations of in what circumstances what tool(s) are most appropriate. New tools added will be based on a literature review (including approaches that have received increasing attention in recent years such as behavioural economics and nudge theory) and relevant recent ABARES research.

Outputs: Revised Unit ENV521 for CDU (note that this course is also undertaken by some Murdoch University students who are undertaking biosecurity studies)

Outcome: New biosecurity and NRM professionals better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities of involving the community in biosecurity and NRM.