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Great to see our project exploring the use of isotopes in biosecurity being published ...

Dr David Murphy et al (PBSF010) explored the use of strontium isotopes as markers of provenance for biosecurity purposes. The work showed some potential and certainly added to our knowledge base. David and his colleagues have now published…

Fire and rust - Foundation determined to better understand the impact myrtle rust is having on species and ecosystem regeneration after fire

Fire is a natural part of Australia's landscape, but while the recent fires were completely unprecedented, they do allow us an opportunity to examine the impact A. psidii might have on regeneration. A new project (PBSF029) headed by Geoff…

APBSF first funding round in 2018 showed the demand for plant biosecurity science

The Foundation’s first round focussed on delivering further impact from PBCRC investments. The Board was delighted to receive over 50 applications, totalling over $1.4m in requests, highlighting the significant need for national investment…

The Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation (APBSF) supports plant biosecurity research, development, extension and capacity building, particularly focused where there is a need for investment in environmental, capacity building, international linkages, non-levy payer, cross-sectoral, and strategic plant biosecurity research. The Foundation will also invest in commercial IP developed by and inherited from PBCRC. It is hoped in the long term that a return is realised from this IP and the Foundation will manage and invest those funds in plant biosecurity science.

The Foundation was established to follow the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC) which finished operations in June 2018, supported with unspent funds from PBCRC.

Read about all our investments, their outputs and impact, and download project reports.

What we do


Invest in plant biosecurity research, development, extension and delivery activities, through programs and projects, scientific capacity building (scholarships and internships), masterclasses (Australian and overseas) and fellowships, and management of commercial activity with PBCRC-developed IP which may generate revenue for plant biosecurity science.

Science hub

A plant biosecurity science and knowledge sharing ‘hub’ of plant biosecurity stakeholders and a network of plant biosecurity scientists.


Advocate the importance of investment in plant biosecurity science globally, nationally and locally for agriculture, the environment, regional communities, biodiversity and food security.


Collaborate and partner in Australia and overseas to attract, develop and manage grants and funds which advance plant biosecurity science.

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