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Fungicides and Myrtle Rust … early trials show some promise.

Trials evaluating the impact of the exotic pathogen Austropuccinia psidii (causing myrtle rust) and the endemic pathogen Quambalaria pitereka (causing Quambalaria shoot blight: QSB) were established. Three fungicides were evaluated (one commercial fungicide and two novel fungicides) and all had beneficial effects against the fungal diseases in terms of disease incidence or tree growth. The […]

Urban and peri-urban plant biosecurity engagement

The Foundation is delighted to continue it’s focus on urban and peri-urban biosecurity. Following the comprehensive and high quality first project in this space (PBSF027), the team of Helen McGregor (Redifining Agriculture) and Jess Lye (now Citrus Australia) have again combined to investigate learning and engagement strategies using community gardens in culturally diverse communities … […]

Demographic mapping across gardening communities to inform urban and periurban plant biosecurity engagement strategies (PBSF044)

Status ACTIVE Project Leader Dr Helen McGregor (Redefining Agriculture) Background This project builds directly on outcomes from project PBSF027. Similarly, this project takes an interdisciplinary approach appropriate for the sophisticated and complex context offered by culturally diverse communities in urban and periurban areas. The academic literature, as compiled in PBSF027, identifies biosecurity preparedness benefits in […]

Call for proposals …

The Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation is calling for new investment proposals. The Foundation aims to support research, development, extension and capacity building activities that support our vision of Australian plant production systems, markets and environments are protected from invasive pests and diseases through an effective plant biosecurity system. Investments proposals must have a very […]

Myrtle Rust impacts ecosystem significantly …

Responses of a wet sclerophyll forest in southern Queensland to repeated infestation showed significant mortality in keystone species, and after a relatively short period of time there are pronounced changes in canopy gaps, species composition and vegetation cover. Associate Professor Jennifer Firn from QUT has just submitted her Final Report and you can read more […]

Impact of myrtle rust on regrowth in disturbed forests …

Associate Professor David Lee of the University of the Sunshine Coast has established three trials in a young environmental planting at Doonan and baseline data collected on the impact of myrtle rust and Quambalaria shoot blight on these plantings before and after fungicide treatment. In addition, a thinning treatment has been conducted on a 13-year-old […]