Recently, the Foundation supported a workshop “Tracking and forecasting of pest and pathogen movements”, led by CSIRO’s Hazel Parry.

During the workshop, participants learned about novel research and networked with other researchers, gained insights on the integration of technologies and identified current applications for this research and possible collaborations. Workshop participants have since developed collaborative proposals to GRDC (Grains Research and Development Corporation) and for joint CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) -Qld or -CSIRO funding, along with the development of a draft ‘review’ or ‘opinion’ article to be pitched as a pre-submission inquiry to Trends in Ecology and Evolution next financial year: “Drought and the management of migratory insect pests”. The results of the workshop will also be synthesised as planned into a methods publication during the next financial year: “A methodological framework for rapid assessment of the threat posed by longdistance atmospheric movements of insect pests and pathogens”.

The full report is available on the Projects page (PBSF028).