The Symposium Organizing Committee are delighted release the (preliminary) program. The range of speakers, both domestic and international, really give the delegates a great understanding of Myrtle Rust, what can be done, what is being done, and hope for the future. Speakers are headlined by:

  • Dr Mike Wingfield, University of Pretoria, discussing the threat of exotic pests and diseases of environmental significance
  • Australia’s Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer, providing the Commonwealth view
  • Several speakers from New Zealand, discussing their latest science, the national program and community response
  • Hank Bower, from Lord Howe Island, describing the hard work undertaken to ‘dodge a bullet’
  • Brett Summerell from the Royal Botanic gardens on the conservation consequences of Myrtle Rust
  • .. and many more.

Join us, the symposium is free …. find out more here. But please register soon – currently we are looking a new venue to cope with the unexpected number of delegates.